Immigration Stop Motion Success (At Last!)

Three minutes and twenty-six seconds.

That was the final length of our stop motion. The final length. You know what that means? My stop motion group finished! In fact, I am typing these words as our movie is exporting. But, you may, my group was on thin ice last time I blogged. How did we go from that to finishing?

Well, at least in my opinion, we never got off the thin ice, we just ran really fast so we were off the ice before it had time to break. And when I say that, I mean that. My group blitzed 40 seconds worth of film in a mere fifty minutes or so. To add to the awesomeness, the disagreements were smaller than normal.

This may seem tangential, but a funny thing that happened during filming. Our final scene, the present day, had a lot of talking and not a lot of motion. The talking in that scene is interesting, but since we add the voice overs later, we just had to shoot the twenty-five-second long scene without the sound. The result was something I liked to call “the twenty-five seconds of boringness”. Without the sound, the entire scene was basically staring out at an inanimate America for twenty-five seconds.

*A few days later…*

I am not so thrilled anymore. Remember when I said my group finished stop motion? I meant we finished the stop motion part of our movie. Not the actual movie. We still had to add credits and voiceovers. Well, when it came time to do that, things took a “difficult” turn.

Before my group did voiceovers, we wanted install title screens and credits. But that just caused tons of arguments over tiny things. I didn’t want pop-up title effects, but we did that anyway. I didn’t want an ocean background, but it turned out to be cool. In other words, even though I lost most of the arguments, the final product of the credits was still amazing.

Dealing with the titles and credits might have been a roadblock, but the voice overs were more of a mile high wall on the road. Why? Because voiceovers exaggerate one major challenge. Work vs. play.

Work vs. play was the biggest disagreement between our group, once voiceovers brought it into the light. Are group was troubled by the question: Where does a little fun end and fooling around start?”

My opinion on this matter is that during these sort of projects, it’s best to only poke fun a bit. But the rest of my group’s opinion differs. jonah and Ronald consider it alright to have some fun while doing the work. And these two clashing opinions led to havoc.

While my group debated what was okay or not, the deadline of Friday came barreling toward us. We had to put our disagreements aside and buckle down to get the work done. And I know you’re expecting me to say everything worked out well, but I’m not going to. My group, despite our efforts still has not finished the project. We will only have an hour or so to work tommorow before the projects due, and the gradewide share happens. Wish me luck!

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