The Pieces (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3


“Mom, Dad, Sam, Emo?” I looked around. My family, along with Emo, was most definitely here. “Kate!” They all exclaimed and we crashed down in a big group hug! Then, we talked about what had happened. Apparently, Sam had it the worst of all. As he told his tale of woe, I could see the fear gleaming in his eyes. Sam’s story was breathtaking.

“I floated out of the city in my levi-pod, but I didn’t make it out in time because I had accidently bashed into a box of boron, my levi-pod was damaged. I saw the hologram, but there was nothing I could do. Just as I was about to make it out of the city, I was snagged by a pulsar wave. My levi-pod was okay, but its primary antigrav device was destroyed. I couldn’t maintain my level of altitude and began my descent. I stopped about a few hundred feet above the city. Just out of the pulsar range. However, the levi-pod told me that the pulsar wave had damaged internal fuel systems. To conserve fuel, I swooped down several feet, landing me only inches away from certain death. The levi-pod said I had a minute and a half until it would plummet. Then the “escort” arrived, and, when seeing my levi-pod’s condition, the levi-van used hyper magnets to pull me to safety. And that is what happened,” Sam finished.

Before anything else could happen, phase two of the process began. My family huddled together, as our bubble levitated up and up and up until we reached the processing station. Robots swarmed all around, pushing buttons, tapping people, and bathing people in a mind-reading light.

Our bubble was popped by a helper-bot, and we all slid into these metallic chairs. An invisible strap fastened over our waist, confining us from doing anything. Then came the part I hated.

Robodocs swarmed us, checking every cell in our body for disease. Then Robodocs then used X-Gamma scanners to check our skin and insides for cancer. What a torturous process. I thought bitterly, Checking for diseases that are pretty much extinct. Then the Robodocs droned “ALL CLEAN. SEND TO MR ROOM!” I watched as thousands of nano-bots swarmed down from the ceiling, pushing us out of our seats and then putting us down in a weird, ominous, dark, room.

A strange blue-ish robot that I had never seen before drifted towards me and my family. Then it switched this blue light on. I wanted to run, but my limbs wouldn’t cooperate. I just stood there staring into the blue light. I remembered Paralysis light. It captivates your mind and blocks signals from the brain. Then, things got really weird. My mind felt like it had been chopped in two. My mind strained and stretched in every way I could think of. Suddenly, it was over. “Mind reading complete! Sending to City Scanning room!” MR stood for mind reading. That thing just read my mind. I thought. “That was insane!” said a pained voice. I turned around. Sam had collapsed in the corner of the room. Poor Sam! I guess ten-year-olds can’t handle mind reading.

Before I knew what was happening, four helper-bots appeared and stuck tags on us. Metal tags? Hyper magnets! I heard the familiar whirring sound, and we were whisked away. We landed shortly, in another bubble. We looked out and saw nothing but computer screens and weird tubes with blue light flying through them. Then a voice rang out “Hivos to the Eurasian Ceva!” Oh no! Why couldn’t we be going to Africa? Then, our bubble was ejected out of the levi-van.

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