December 18

I’m Back

Hi my name is Nikolaus I’m nine years old.

I go to Fox Meadow Elementary School.

I have one brother and 3 sisters and a mom and dad.

I love playing video games😍, for example I like the google doodle halloween 2018 game.

One reason I like video games is that you get to be another person and play in a different world.

Also I like them because you can do stuff  that you can’t do right now.


One of my favorite things to eat is candy.

The best candy store is Imagine Candy, but sadly they closed and now I can’t go there anymore😭.

I like candy because it’s sweet sometimes chewy, but I hate chocolate 😥 (except for ones with a flavor).


I know that candy isn’t healthy for you but I can’t help it😬!

Some days I feel really bad and I just need candy😩.


I also really like drawing.

It’s one of my favorite thing to do.

I really like drawing because it calms me down.

And it also just lets me show my feelings like when I’m mad😠 a draw a mad face and so on.


I also love dog’s 🐕!!!!

Especially the puppies there cute and fluffy, and I really want one really badly😢.

But my parents wont let me get one😒.

I also really want one🙏.

  because we don’t have a pet!, not even a fish💔.


I also love the ocean because it’s cold and you can go fishing and when I get to go there usually first thing a do is go in the sand and make a tunnel to get to water.


I hope you liked this bye😁 Leave a comment and if you like these things follow me😜.

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