March 24

South African Diver’s Miraculous Escape From A Whale’s Mouth Caught On Camera

By Meera Dolasia

sourse: Dogo News

Article date: March 13, 2019

In  February 2019, Rainer Schimpf  and his team set off to film a famous south African sardine run.

This annual migration of billions and billions of Sardinos-sagax attracts many predators especially Cape-Ganet and common dolphins. These 2 species work together to herd the bigger fish away from the little ones creating also known as bait balls were other predators (even whales) come and feast on. Rainer wanted to get the best footage of the amazing natural phenomenon. So Rainer jumped into the water into a big swirling ball of fish. Suddenly the sea started churning, Heinz Toperzer (one of Rainer’s team mates) noticed something was strange almost immediately! Suddenly… a whale came out of the cluster of fish and grabbed Rainer! While Heinz was filming this horrifying sight Rainer was struggling to free and to survive in the whale’s mouth, but luckily the whale noticed its mistake that Rainer wasn’t a sardine! The whale moved slightly and opened a gap in its mouth for Rainer to get free. Rainer was still holding onto his camera when he swam up to his team as they helped him regain his strength!

March 20

Hmart review!

If you adore Korean, Chinese, or Japanese food you just have to go to Hmart. There’s so many things to choose from there’s even different stations to get your food from: Japanese, Korean (it’s my favorite station), and Chinese there’s even a small bakery.

At Hmart there aren’t any waiters. It’s kind of like Shake shack  you order your food and get a number, and when your food is done the cooks call out your number and you go and pick it up yourself.

My favorite food there are Ramen noodles  (it’s like the only food I’ve ever eaten there because i’m a picky eater), anyway I never get sick of it it’s even my favorite normal food. Its warm, and there are also tiny rice cakes inside and the noodles are delicious. They’re also longer than spaghetti, they’re also soft and sometimes slimy. I love Raman noodles.

Hmart is located in Hartsdale NY shopping center II, and it opens at 8 A.M and closes at 9.50 P.M

At Hmart you could get meals before the real meal like dumplings and rice, also  I recommend Hmart because there are sides whether you order it or not.

I recommend this place and I give it  4.9 stars. So next time you’re craving for Korean, Chinese, or Japanese you know where to go!