June 6

February 1, 2019 Tiny Dracula Ants Set Record For The Fastest-Known Animal Movement By Daksha Morjaria

Pesky ants are actually really cool insects,they can survive floods clinging on to each other to form rafts, they can predict earthquakes, and lift things 20 times their weight. Now it justs happens to be that the Dracula Ants are the fastest animal alive, it can snap shut its claws and have already run 90 M per sec. “They’re cruising underground and if they encounter a centipede or termite they’ll smack them with their manibals strong enough to kill or stun their prey” said Andrew Suarez. Who is an Animal biologist, who led the study. These Ants spend lots of time underground and in tree trunks,making them hard to study. They get their name “Dracula Ants” from some non-destructive cannibalism. The adult ants are unable to process solid food so they feed their prey to their larva and then suck out some of the larvas blood. But this does not hurt the larva. And one of the last special abilities of this ant is that it can press their mandibles together morphing one into string and the explosion is strong enough to kill or stun its prey