The great kindness challenge

Did you know that this week it is the great kindness challenge? The kindness challenge is about going out of your way to be kind whether it is a quick stop by your principles office to say hello or just smiling at a new kid and much more. The kindness challenge made me feel more positive even when something upsetting just happened. The kindness challenge also helped me stay out of disagreements.

One of my favorite parts of the kindness challenge was at some point every day the P.A system would turn on and a student would speak into the system and say the kindness quote of the day. I particularly enjoyed the home edition of the kindness challenge. Why? Well because my grandma has throat cancer and can not speak. She communicates by text and really loves jokes. One of the challenges was to tell a joke and make someone laugh and so I looked at my joke book and found this joke and it was “What do cars and elephants have in common? Well they both have trunks”. Another part that made me feel really good was when the challenge sheet suggested saying prayer for a kid in another country and I said one to a kid named Edven who is not very fortunate with money and after I said the prayer it made me feel kind. I think that everybody should take the kindness challenge and try do that every day of every year. If that happened I think the world would be a much better place than it is today.

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