Rube Goldberg #2 – Hard Parts of Having a Team

During our building process one of our group members parents told their son that he had to finish it. I felt that this was unfair for the rest of my group and him. I felt like this was unfair because I really wanted to work on the whole thing together. I used it as a learning experience and told myself that next time I would volunteer to have it at my house so no one person could work on it without the rest of my group working on it. I could also make sure that I had all the time we could have so no one would feel like we had to get it done.

I felt like the rest of my group was affected by this because we were not able to finish the project as a group. I felt bad about this because I really liked the project and had a lot of fun building it. It also disappointed me because I was not able to finish it. Even though me and the rest of my group did a lot of work, I felt like me and the rest of my group were cheated on because we missed the grand finale.

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