Rube Goldberg # 3 – Motivational Failures

One of the things that I hated the most was when our Rube Goldberg machine failed. This was super devastating. I think I found it so devastating because it looked good but it did not work. But I knew that I just had to keep on trying. During a video of a Rube Goldberg machine, a maker said “Rube Goldberg machines will teach you if you don’t succeed try try again”. I thought that our  machine would work right away.

This was not true. I got frustrated when it failed. But I thought of the video and it reminded me of the part where Audri said “Try Try again”.Then before the next time it failed I said to myself that the next time my Rube Goldberg machine failed I would not get mad. Then the next time it failed I didn’t even feel disappointed of the fact that my Rube Goldberg did not work. It just made me more motivated to do better the next time. I think Rube Goldberg machines do two things they complete a simple task and teach you a lesson. That lesson is. always keep trying and you will succeed.

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