Rube Goldberg #4 – Decision Making

One of the most challenging parts of building our Rube Goldberg machine was decision making. Now you might say that it is easy to compromise and make group decisions for a script for a presentation but it is really different when you are building something. I think it was different because we all wanted to do more than each other so when there parents asked them if they contributed a lot of work and they wanted to tell the truth and say yes. But there was only so many steps that we could do and we could not repeat steps.

We had to make some tough decisions like having the point of our rube goldberg be showing a video or picking where we went on vacation using a map. We also disagreed over what we should do for our seventh step. But we all gave it our best and it turned out okay. In the end I think I learned a valuable lesson and that was to just go along with it and you will get you far share of chances.

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