Preparing for the video – post three

Adobe Spark is a really cool mix of resources like Google Slides and We Video. This is new to me and all of my classmates, it is very challenging and cool at the same time. You can make so many different things on it. You can make a portrait and add it to a slideshow. You can also add music and free pictures. This is good and bad for my immigrant based Adobe Spark video. It is bad because there are limits to the music, they have happy and defeat music but there is no sad music which will be harder for me and my video. It is good because I can make defeat music with a sad picture to make it seem more dramatic.

In my Adobe Spark video I plan to put in a little bit of my recording from my interview into it. Our video has to be four minutes long, so I can’t put to much of the same topic into it but I can give around one minute to each category which is perfect because I can give detail and support for each section, but I also cannot put too much detail. I think that if I stick to my guideline sheet and give enough but not too much my video will be a success.

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