Doing the Interview post two

I interviewed my great uncle Philippe Muller. My great uncle was born in Paris, France 1958. He moved to Africa from France when he was twelve and after that he had a desire to explore new places that he had never been before like the U.S. He emigrated from France at the age of 22. When he came to the United States of America, he did not have very good English. This made communicating with others very hard for him. In fact, when he first came to the U.S.  he went to college to learn English. After that he learned computer science at college and later on it became his job. Later on he got married and had two kids named Charles and Rachel.

I had a lot of challenges during my interview. The first one was when I spent a lot of time recording on a recording app and on the ninth question it said that I had to pay if I wanted to continue using the app. This cost me thirty minutes and my great uncle was leaving soon. I had to start over and now had less time. I took a normal video of it because it was the fastest, and most efficient way to get the interview done. My second challenge was knowing what to say, and how to start it. This also cost me a lot of time.Blog post 3 st decided to go with my gut. Overall, I think that the interview will help me a lot when I make my Adobe Spark video, because I got a lot of detailed, and useful information from my great uncle Philippe Muller. I can’t wait to get started on making my video.

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