Capstone post one : Choosing My Topic


Our class had to do a capstone project. Capstone is a big research topic that combines all of our research skills that we have learned in elementary school. We had to start out with picking a topic. Since I love hockey I thought that I might do hockey but I decided not to because it is supposed to be a research topic not a let me just write about what I already know project.So I decided to do what I would want to do if I don’t get to play professional hockey, that is to become a neurosurgeon.

I don’t want to become just a normal neurosurgeon. I want to transplant brain cells into the brain of a disabled person so that they can walk again. You might think this is crazy but, it’s not. Doctors at Stanford University have done so already. For me, I think that I will really enjoy capstone and researching on my topic because I am not grossed out with the sight of blood or intestines. I can’t wait to do more research on stem cells and organ transplants.   

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