Blog post two – Picking My Inquiry Question and Sub questions

Picking my main Inquiry question was a challenge at first but towards the end it was easy. I found out what it was then I changed it four or five more times. At first it was really hard because I had no idea even how to start it but once I got going I still had problems. I kept on forgetting all of my ideas. Then I fell asleep one night and when I woke up one morning everything seemed to come together. Crafting my question became so easy I only had to spend five to ten minutes a day on crafting it. It also came out really well.

I have also found that it is really easy to do research after you come up with your inquiry question and your sub questions. It helped me narrow down my research to only stem cells instead of neurosurgery around strokes. For me sub questions are key for research every day. They give me new questions or they help me on what to do on my research. For example one day I might research the future of stem cells and then the next day I might focus on the history of stem cells. Here are my sub questions:

1.What is the history of stem cell transplants?

2. What is involved in a stem cell transplant?

3. What other successes involving stem cells have doctors had which lead them to believe that other types of similar surgeries will work?

4. What methods are doctors using to test procedures that involve stem cells?

5. What steps are being made to create new types of stem cell transplants for different purposes?

6. What are the main issues behind the stem cell debate and how have the negative attitudes affected research?

I hope you find my tip about sub questions and research helpful.

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