rube goldberg Machine – Blog post #4

Today in class we did a  sketch museum. What we did is that we looked at our classmates sketches and took feedback on it for example we are aloud to take notes about the sketch’s and ad a step or 2 to ours.  It was really fun to revise positive feedback about ours. Our teacher told us to pay  attention to labels, neatly drawn diagrams,steps clearly shown,color and a simple machine. Every time we looked at some ones we gave them feedback. The Reason that we gave feedback was for we can make ours the best that it can. We got 20 minutes to look at other peoples sketch’s. In general the Rube goldberg sketch museum was really fun.

Rube glodberg machine – blog post #3

For my 3rd  blog post I am going to talk about what are the pros and cons about working with a partner, when you work with a partner you have to go to each others house to talk about the detailed sketch whose house are you going to do the project. Most people in our class did it with a group. Only like one person in our class did it solo. Most people did the rube goldberg project as a duo only one group did it as a squad. 14 people did it as a duo. A chose a duo because it would be funner and each person should do about 50% of the work. So I don’t have to do all the work but I don’t have to do 25% of the work.

Rube Goldberg machine – blog post #2

As I said in the 1st bolg post, the maximum time that we get is 5:00 minutes. Mateo and I first thought about turning on a light switch, but then, we took into account what our teacher said that it is five minutes. So we said to ourself, would you rather turn a light switch by yourself or turn it on with a button and take 3 minutes. So then, we got the idea that we should change the project, to  kicking a soccer ball into a goal. We also changed the idea because it will have more steps.

Rube Goldberg machine – post #1

We are starting a project called a rube goldberg machine. I am working with a partner, Mateo. What a rube goldberg machine is suppose to do is to make a simple task easier with alot of steps. For example lets say you want to turn on a light switch, you would hit a button and that will hit dominos and that will hit a book and that will hit the light switch. That is what a rube goldberg machine is. What me and Mateo are doing is a soccer ball scoring into a soccer goal. Our teacher, Vivian Robert told us that we have to have at least 8 steps. The time limit for the Rube goldberg machine is 5:00 Minutes.

Passion project- Inital Thoughts

A problem I have is that almost everyone calls out. So we don’t get through everything that our teacher  wants us to do. So I think we should get punishments if we call.(like no recces for that day). But if we don’t call out we get more recces.For we keep on doing it to get more recces.

Another problem I have is that we don’t get much done in  the day. So we don’t get as much nolege in class. So were not as smart as the other classes

Another jot is in the book fourth grade rats is

Another Reason or way I think stood out is


Suds is getting lonely.


I can tell that suds is getting lonely because  In a picture it shows every body around joey at the bee sting on his right arm. Suds was just behind them And nobody noticed him. Because he wasn’t  a rat yet. He was still a angel thats 3rd grade. But then he became popular because he put a spider on his right arm. For his girlfriend judy billings then almost all the girls Came around to look at the black spider on his right arm. When the school was over he walked home with judy billings but her cat was missing. The cat was on the tree Suds claimed up the tree even do he was afraid of heights he still did it. He got the cat and troughs it down. But then he couldn’t get down so his parents found him in the tree got thee latter and got him down to the ground.


Book partnership fourth grade rats jot #1

Four our first partnership  I am reading fourth grade rats by Jeery spinelli. A jot is when you take a book and you

write abtout what   you   read  about  the  book.  The bigg thing I noticed is 

Suds is getting more popular because he has become a rat.

I think this is important because Suds was lonely at the beginning of the book and then he became popular. One of the main details of the story that gives you the evidence is when Suds put a spider on his shoulder and said to his girlfriend, Judy Billings, that he did it for her. Then all the other girls came to look at the spider on his arm and said “aren’t you scared?”. And he responded no way I’m scared, even though he was probably terrified. That’s my reasons why that might be one of the main ideas.

favorite plant observations!

Today me and My partner started to see that our plants are finally drying out so the next stage of the process is to take of the pods and take the seeds home and maybe plant the same plants at home from what you experience in school that’s what I learned seeya later!

Favorite Plant observation of the week.

This week is like the conclusion of plant observations so pods are forming up so only a couple of days till the pods will be released. Now I know that my hypotheses was correct my hypotheses was the pods will make other plants. What I wrote today was my favorite part of this week about my plants. See ya later soon!

Plant Observation.

Today me and my partner ND counted the poads. Poads are the home for the seeds. Seeds are the beginning stage of a plant. Poads job is to spread different plants around the world! That’s what me and my partner ND discovered this week.