rube goldberg Machine – Blog post #4

Today in class we did a  sketch museum. What we did was that we looked at our classmates' sketches and gave/received feedback to/from them. For example, we were allowed to take notes about the sketches and add a step or two to ours. 

It was really fun to receive positive feedback about ours. Our teacher told us to pay attention to labels, neatly draw diagrams, show steps clearly and build a simple machine. Every time we looked at some ones we gave them feedback. The reason that we received feedback was to make ours the best that it can. We got 20 minutes to look at other people's sketches to see if they wanted to add something to their sketches. The best part about it was that we got to look at others and figure out if we were lagging behind or if we were ahead of the game. Thus, we found out that Mateo and me were average and so we speeded up our A game and then we noticed that we were ahead of the game!


Rube glodberg machine – blog post #3

 For my 3rd  blog post I am going to talk about what are the pros and cons about working with a partner, when you work with a partner you have to go to each others house to talk about the detailed sketch whose house are you going to do the project. The thing that was hard about working with a partner was having to split the work. I thought that this was especially hard because both people need to work. If only one person works then he might want to become a solo because the other person is not trying hard enough. A problem that we challenged is that you had to do the project at someones house. so you always had to meat up with each other.

Rube Goldberg machine – blog post #2

As a said in the first blog post we were only aloud to have 5 minutes. So me and mateo took that into account so then we thought, what would be better turning on a light switch by yourself our in a minute? So then we changed the idea to kicking a ball into a goal. The reason we changed the idea was because  we thought that it would take longer and harder for a ball to roll into a goal, another reason is because we wanted our topic to be harder than a bunch of rube goldberg projects in our class. To sum it up It was hard to come up with the idea. It was hard because we did not our topic to be average we wanted it to be above average. And that is why we changed our simple task to be a ball rolling into a goal.

Rube Goldberg machine – post #1

We are starting a project called a rube goldberg machine. I am working with a partner, Mateo. What a rube goldberg machine is suppose to do is to make a simple task easier with alot of steps. For example lets say you want to turn on a light switch, you would hit a button and that will hit dominos and that will hit a book and that will hit the light switch. That is what a rube goldberg machine is. What me and Mateo are doing is a soccer ball scoring into a soccer goal. Our teacher, Vivian Robert told us that we have to have at least 8 steps. The time limit for the Rube goldberg machine is 5:00 Minutes. The 8 steps that we are doing is a ball goes down a pipe ( This is table #1) and hits dominos then that will hit a soda can with water then the soda can hits books that hit car. The car goes down ramp and hits swinging bar that hits car number 2 which hits book that hits the enter button on a computer and calls my phone. Then my phone will vibrate down ramp ( Table #2) and hits books that hit a soccer ball that rolls down ramp ( On the floor) into the soccer goal.