rube goldberg Machine – Blog post #4

Today in class we did a  sketch museum. What we did was that we looked at our classmates' sketches and gave/received feedback to/from them. For example, we were allowed to take notes about the sketches and add a step or two to ours. 

It was really fun to receive positive feedback about ours. Our teacher told us to pay attention to labels, neatly draw diagrams, show steps clearly and build a simple machine. Every time we looked at some ones we gave them feedback. The reason that we received feedback was to make ours the best that it can. We got 20 minutes to look at other people's sketches to see if they wanted to add something to their sketches. The best part about it was that we got to look at others and figure out if we were lagging behind or if we were ahead of the game. Thus, we found out that Mateo and me were average and so we speeded up our A game and then we noticed that we were ahead of the game!


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