We went to Philadelphia to learn about the history of colonial times. For example the liberty bell.

We had to get to Heathcote at 5:30 in the morning, and the bus left at 6:00. The bus ride was 4 hours so we arived there at ten am. we were allowed to bring a phone an ipad even a nintendo switch. we got to visit the constitutional convention.


Welcome to 5th grade! (5R)

My 5th grade year has begun! I am looking foward to the Phili trip. I am also exited about rocketry. My favorite part about rocketry is the expirence. An it also feels good to see you’re rocket go really high an know that you did a really good job. An when someone’s rocket does not tern out the way they want it to you always know you’re friends got you’re back.

Ed camp

In class, a long time ago we were doing ed camps. You might be thinking what is a ed camp? An Ed camp is when a dad or mom comes in to talk about there job. First i saw a baseball player who retired and was a AA champion. And then we saw a retired cop.  They were both really interesting.