Capstone blog post #1

 This is my first blog post for capstone, I am super exited for capstone. In this blog I will be talking about the process of me choseing my topic. 

 First our teacher told us to pick a main topic and a backup one just in case you notice that you aren't getting enough information on your topic our teacher also gave us guidelines to tell us when things are due. For example this blog is be due may third.
I decided that World War 2 would be a good main topic because there is a lot of information on the topic. I noticed that World War 2 is a huge topic i decided that I am going to briefly talk about the European battle and explain more about the battle of Japan VS America.

 For my back up topic I will be talking about Dogs. I decide that Dogs would be a good back up topic because I have a dog, and I know a lot about a dog breed called a Maltese. A Maltese is a Dog who has white fur and a black nose and is small. Maltese are really playful when I play with my dog he can play for one hour straight! I will briefly talk about Dogs in general but then talk a lot about the dog breed Maltese.

 Does were the two topics I chose for capstone.

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