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 For this blog post, I will be talking about what we did on mixtures and solutions in school. Mrs Robert switched classes with Mrs Boyer for a period of time. Mrs Robert was the teacher for math and Mrs Boyer was the teacher for science. So, for our science homework, we needed to right a blog post.

 In the first class, we got a set of games that would prepare us for "messy science". You might think how would that help us for the messy science project? It would because it will give us an idea of how the ingredient would work and science language like compounds and mixtures. And it will also prepare us because it will get our mind thinking about science. One of the games that we played that day was that you had to know the definition of everything (it was like a test). At the end of that day, we were each assigned a video about a dissolvent and a solute.

 And today in class, we had to come up with a hypothesis on what would happen in the experiment. My group: Maddy, Gus and me were right on the hypothesis. The two experiments that we did were oil with colored salt and vinegar with colored salt. What happened during the oil experiment was that the colored salt went straight to the bottom and it was easy to separate. But, for the vinegar experiment, the exact opposite happened - it dissolved into the vinegar and it was super hard to separate. We were supposed to answer what a dissolvent and a solute were. A dissolvent is the substance that is not liquid in a experiment and a solute is the substance that is the liquid. For example, for my experimenting the solute would be the oil or the vinegar and the dissolvent would be the be the colored salt.

 Over all this experiment was really fun I really enjoyed the two days of science!

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