Answering main inquiry question

 Hello for this blog post I will be talking about how I answered my main inquiry question.

 At the beginning of the capstone project we were asked to have a "main inquiry question" and sub questions. Those questions were suppose to guide or research.

 My main inquiry question is what factors contributed to the conflict between Japan and America during WWII? I chose this question because I did not know anything about the Pacific war. which is Japan vs America btw they call the Pacific war the Pacific war because America and Japan were fighting for the Pacific islands. I was also really into my main inquiry question because I had know clue of how/why a war would start. Something that was unique about my question is that my answer was a list of answers instead of one. 

 After all of my research here is my answer one of the factors is POWER. one of them is power because if you want to become a better bigger country then you control the world. another factor is resources. Another factor is resources because they needed more resources. the last factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor because the attack on Pearl Harbor outraged Americans. It outraged Americans because it killed 2,403 people that day (December 7 1941), and it almost destroyed the US Navy.

 Thank you for reading this blog hope you enjoyed it. 😁👌.

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