Technology post #6

On the last blog post I left of saying that we, meaning my class, had to make flashlights for the professional divers saving the kids in the cave. This project is going to be hard because Mr. Calvert said that the flashlights have to be water proof . Mr. Calvert isn’t going to assume that they are water proof, he is going to put our flashlights in a tank with the light on to see if they are water proof or not. You might be wondering, wait why do they have to be waterproof? Well, that is a good question but the answer is that the flashlights are for the professional divers that are going to be in a cave with strong currents. Also, if you do not know that caves are pitch black they are pitch black and that is why the professional divers need the flashlights for. My idea for the flashlights is that they are going to be a 90 degree flash light.

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