Answering main inquiry question

 Hello for this blog post I will be talking about how I answered my main inquiry question.

 At the beginning of the capstone project we were asked to have a "main inquiry question" and sub questions. Those questions were suppose to guide or research.

 My main inquiry question is what factors contributed to the conflict between Japan and America during WWII? I chose this question because I did not know anything about the Pacific war. which is Japan vs America btw they call the Pacific war the Pacific war because America and Japan were fighting for the Pacific islands. I was also really into my main inquiry question because I had know clue of how/why a war would start. Something that was unique about my question is that my answer was a list of answers instead of one. 

 After all of my research here is my answer one of the factors is POWER. one of them is power because if you want to become a better bigger country then you control the world. another factor is resources. Another factor is resources because they needed more resources. the last factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor because the attack on Pearl Harbor outraged Americans. It outraged Americans because it killed 2,403 people that day (December 7 1941), and it almost destroyed the US Navy.

 Thank you for reading this blog hope you enjoyed it. 😁👌.

Science blog post


 For this blog post, I will be talking about what we did on mixtures and solutions in school. Mrs Robert switched classes with Mrs Boyer for a period of time. Mrs Robert was the teacher for math and Mrs Boyer was the teacher for science. So, for our science homework, we needed to right a blog post.

 In the first class, we got a set of games that would prepare us for "messy science". You might think how would that help us for the messy science project? It would because it will give us an idea of how the ingredient would work and science language like compounds and mixtures. And it will also prepare us because it will get our mind thinking about science. One of the games that we played that day was that you had to know the definition of everything (it was like a test). At the end of that day, we were each assigned a video about a dissolvent and a solute.

 And today in class, we had to come up with a hypothesis on what would happen in the experiment. My group: Maddy, Gus and me were right on the hypothesis. The two experiments that we did were oil with colored salt and vinegar with colored salt. What happened during the oil experiment was that the colored salt went straight to the bottom and it was easy to separate. But, for the vinegar experiment, the exact opposite happened - it dissolved into the vinegar and it was super hard to separate. We were supposed to answer what a dissolvent and a solute were. A dissolvent is the substance that is not liquid in a experiment and a solute is the substance that is the liquid. For example, for my experimenting the solute would be the oil or the vinegar and the dissolvent would be the be the colored salt.

 Over all this experiment was really fun I really enjoyed the two days of science!

blog post #4

 For this blog post I will be talking about my site visit. For my site visit i went to the USS Intrepid museum. My dad paid extra money for we can have a tour of the museum. I would have done my site visit the 18 of May but they told my dad that if they went on memorial day weekend they would get to see more stuff. So that is why I went the 25 of May instead of the 18 of May. In my site visit the private tour guy named Nick made me think about WWII in a new way. Nick talked mainly about the battle of the philippines so he influenced me to mainly talk about the philippines in my ted talk. SO now I will be focusing on Pearl Harbor, the battle of Midway, the battle of the Philippines and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Blog post #3

 For this blog post I will be talking about my interview.

 For my interview I interviewed a guy at the USS Intrepid, his name is Nick. I found my interview by Interviewing by calling the educational department at the Intrepid. I asked him 13 questions and all of them were "green light questions" not red light questions. What a red light questions is questions that the answers are yes or no. what a green light question is an answer with examples. So I got the best answers that I could get. To tie this all up the interview was really helpful.

Capstone blog post #2

 For my second blog post I am going to be talking about how I chose a main inquiry question and sub questions.

 Our teacher told us that we need to have a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is the question that I am going to be trying to answer in the seven weeks that I am doing in this Capstone unit. I noticed that World War 2 is a huge topic so, I narrowed it down to Japan vs America. Then I had to think about a main inquiry question. So then I thought of the main inquiry question to be What factors contributed to the conflict between the United States of America and Japan during World War 2.

 Now I will be talking about how I figured out to do 5 sub questions. Our teacher told us that we should have more then 5 for we can chose the best ones. But first I got a bit confused and my 8 sub  questions were literally 8 other main inquiry questions! Today in school our teacher talked to every student in the class. She explained to me what I did wrong and then we came up with 5 new sub questions. This was really helpful for me because when it will be time for me to present my research I would have 6 Main inquiry questions instead of 1 main inquiry question and 5 sub questions.

 So far, this Capstone project has been going really well for me. Now that we are done with the Main inquiry question and the sub questions now it is time for the real fun.

Capstone blog post #1

 This is my first blog post for capstone, I am super exited for capstone. In this blog I will be talking about the process of me choseing my topic. 

 First our teacher told us to pick a main topic and a backup one just in case you notice that you aren't getting enough information on your topic our teacher also gave us guidelines to tell us when things are due. For example this blog is be due may third.
I decided that World War 2 would be a good main topic because there is a lot of information on the topic. I noticed that World War 2 is a huge topic i decided that I am going to briefly talk about the European battle and explain more about the battle of Japan VS America.

 For my back up topic I will be talking about Dogs. I decide that Dogs would be a good back up topic because I have a dog, and I know a lot about a dog breed called a Maltese. A Maltese is a Dog who has white fur and a black nose and is small. Maltese are really playful when I play with my dog he can play for one hour straight! I will briefly talk about Dogs in general but then talk a lot about the dog breed Maltese.

 Does were the two topics I chose for capstone.


We went to Philadelphia to learn about the history of colonial times. For example the liberty bell.

We had to get to Heathcote at 5:30 in the morning, and the bus left at 6:00. The bus ride was 4 hours so we arived there at ten am. we were allowed to bring a phone an ipad even a nintendo switch. we got to visit the constitutional convention.


Welcome to 5th grade! (5R)

My 5th grade year has begun! I am looking foward to the Phili trip. I am also exited about rocketry. My favorite part about rocketry is the expirence. An it also feels good to see you’re rocket go really high an know that you did a really good job. An when someone’s rocket does not tern out the way they want it to you always know you’re friends got you’re back.