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Answering main inquiry question

 Hello for this blog post I will be talking about how I answered my main inquiry question.

 At the beginning of the capstone project we were asked to have a "main inquiry question" and sub questions. Those questions were suppose to guide or research.

 My main inquiry question is what factors contributed to the conflict between Japan and America during WWII? I chose this question because I did not know anything about the Pacific war. which is Japan vs America btw they call the Pacific war the Pacific war because America and Japan were fighting for the Pacific islands. I was also really into my main inquiry question because I had know clue of how/why a war would start. Something that was unique about my question is that my answer was a list of answers instead of one. 

 After all of my research here is my answer one of the factors is POWER. one of them is power because if you want to become a better bigger country then you control the world. another factor is resources. Another factor is resources because they needed more resources. the last factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor. Another factor is Pearl Harbor because the attack on Pearl Harbor outraged Americans. It outraged Americans because it killed 2,403 people that day (December 7 1941), and it almost destroyed the US Navy.

 Thank you for reading this blog hope you enjoyed it. 😁👌.

Capstone blog post #2

 For my second blog post I am going to be talking about how I chose a main inquiry question and sub questions.

 Our teacher told us that we need to have a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is the question that I am going to be trying to answer in the seven weeks that I am doing in this Capstone unit. I noticed that World War 2 is a huge topic so, I narrowed it down to Japan vs America. Then I had to think about a main inquiry question. So then I thought of the main inquiry question to be What factors contributed to the conflict between the United States of America and Japan during World War 2.

 Now I will be talking about how I figured out to do 5 sub questions. Our teacher told us that we should have more then 5 for we can chose the best ones. But first I got a bit confused and my 8 sub  questions were literally 8 other main inquiry questions! Today in school our teacher talked to every student in the class. She explained to me what I did wrong and then we came up with 5 new sub questions. This was really helpful for me because when it will be time for me to present my research I would have 6 Main inquiry questions instead of 1 main inquiry question and 5 sub questions.

 So far, this Capstone project has been going really well for me. Now that we are done with the Main inquiry question and the sub questions now it is time for the real fun.

Ed camp

In class, a long time ago we were doing ed camps. You might be thinking what is a ed camp? An Ed camp is when a dad or mom comes in to talk about there job. First i saw a baseball player who retired and was a AA champion. And then we saw a retired cop.  They were both really interesting.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a amazing site that you can make awesome adds, posters and a lot more cool stuff.

What our class is suppose to do is that we make a poster and a add. We had to do this because we posted our Rube Goldberg Machine ( go check Vivian Roberts youtube channel to access my Rube Goldberg machine final video.) And if you have seen a long youtube video than you know that there is adds in the middle of the youtube video. So what I am pridicting is that we are going to add our posters and our mini video.

Rube goldberg Machine post #7

  • In this blog post, I am going to talk about what I liked and disliked about the entire Rube Goldberg project. The Rube Goldberg’s project was not only fun, but also very demanding and so it is definitely going to help me in Middle School. This project took over a month and, at the end, I felt so good after all the hard time and all the hours that I put into it. Sometimes, I might even think that I wouldn’t have time to finish the project in time. When I felt that way, that made me work harder and get all of the work done. Also, when Mateo and I were building, I thought about adding a labyrinth and a wooden maze and it made our Rube Goldberg’s project look much better. Personally, I thought that the building process was the best part because, when we were building, we got more ideas and changed a lot of stuff, which made the entire project look better. Also, when we recorded it, we thought that people don’t want to watch a Rube Goldberg’s project video in slow-motion because the class may get bored. After all the fails, the times that we were up until 11:00 pm and the times that we worked together in my house for 10 hours straight, here is our final Rube Goldberg machine…

Hello this is my final rube goldberg machine!

Rube goldberg post #6

In this blog post, I am going to talk about how Mateo and I figured out which steps we wanted to use for the project.

The first thing that our teacher made us to do was to get a bunch of research so that we could get some ideas on what we wanted the objective for the project to be. So then we chose a soccer ball rolling into a goal as our project's main objective. What we decided was to gather a bunch of steps that we thought were good and then we made a sketch. Then, we started to test them out and see if they would work.  
To make our project more enjoyable and exciting, we added a labyrinth, a wooden maze, a goalie and even some soccer fans to make our Rube Goldberg's Machine look way cooler. 
First, we cut tubes as we said in the sketch. Then, we exchanged them with the wooden maze. Also, when the phone vibrated, it used to say "mama" because the computer was connected to my mom's cell phone. So, then we changed it to say Rube Goldberg calling, Rube Goldberg calling Mateo and Nick for it will sound cooler. 

A way that we added steps was that we got two steps and then we got what we liked and then combined them to get an extra step.

Rube Goldberg machine – post #1

We are starting a project called a rube goldberg machine. I am working with a partner, Mateo. What a rube goldberg machine is suppose to do is to make a simple task easier with alot of steps. For example lets say you want to turn on a light switch, you would hit a button and that will hit dominos and that will hit a book and that will hit the light switch. That is what a rube goldberg machine is. What me and Mateo are doing is a soccer ball scoring into a soccer goal. Our teacher, Vivian Robert told us that we have to have at least 8 steps. The time limit for the Rube goldberg machine is 5:00 Minutes. The 8 steps that we are doing is a ball goes down a pipe ( This is table #1) and hits dominos then that will hit a soda can with water then the soda can hits books that hit car. The car goes down ramp and hits swinging bar that hits car number 2 which hits book that hits the enter button on a computer and calls my phone. Then my phone will vibrate down ramp ( Table #2) and hits books that hit a soccer ball that rolls down ramp ( On the floor) into the soccer goal.