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Technology post #6

On the last blog post I left of saying that we, meaning my class, had to make flashlights for the professional divers saving the kids in the cave. This project is going to be hard because Mr. Calvert said that the flashlights have to be water proof . Mr. Calvert isn’t going to assume that they are water proof, he is going to put our flashlights in a tank with the light on to see if they are water proof or not. You might be wondering, wait why do they have to be waterproof? Well, that is a good question but the answer is that the flashlights are for the professional divers that are going to be in a cave with strong currents. Also, if you do not know that caves are pitch black they are pitch black and that is why the professional divers need the flashlights for. My idea for the flashlights is that they are going to be a 90 degree flash light.

Technology post #5

In class a couple of days ago, we were learning about a soccer team that was trapped in a cave. First of all, you might be thinking if this is technology class, you should not be learning about a soccer team, but about engineering. Later on, towards the end, I will explain why we are learning about this soccer team. Now, back to the actual topic Mr. Calvert was telling us about, how this soccer team was a team in Thailand and that they stayed in a cave after soccer practice that was well known. The soccer players noticed the water rise in the front of the cave so, they started moving backwards into the cave.  After a couple of hours, they noticed the water level was rising quickly so they assumed that there was going to be a flood which was the actual case. So, they ran farther and farther from the entrance of the cave. They ran so far away from the entrance that they where already one mile into the cave. Now, they were trapped! They were trapped in the cave for 10 days because they where already super far from the entrance that the community had to call a search party on them. It was too dangerous for the search party to go get them that they had to hire professional divers to get them. The trip was so dangerous that one of the professional divers died. Now, after Mr. Calvert told us most of that, he told us that we had to make flashlights that helped the professional divers rescue the soccer team.

Technology post #4

Now we are learning about bread boards. One of our first activities was to try to turn on a light bulb using two wires and I was able to do it. One thing that helped me get it correctly was Nearpod. Nearpod helped me because in the activity about turning on a lightbulb on the app was really similar to turning on the light bulb on the bread board. Also, if you where not paying attention during class, then you probably did not turn on the switch on your first try. Reason is because if you put the positive wire in the negative hole and the negative into the positive hole then it would not work because you have to put the negative into the negative hole and the positive into the positive hole.

Technology post #3

Right now, we are learning about flashlights. My flashlight is like a Mac. When you close the “Mac”, it will turn on the flashlight. My flashlight is probably the easiest one to turn on and off because for most people they made something with a rubber band so, when you turned it on it was hard to because you had to put a good amount of force to turn the switch on. But on the other hand, mine is easier because you just have to put the two card boards together and boom the light is turned on.

Technology post#2

In class the other day we started making our pendants. I was really excited to make the pendants because before we did not build/ make anything. So I was really excited to make the pendants. The thing that I wanted to do was to make a star. When I am done making it, I am going to give it to my sister for Christmas.

Technology post #1

Yesterday in class, we played atari breakout. Atari breakout is a game where there is usually a item that you are trying to find. In our game, we were trying to find the googles. The googles where in a box with 3 locks covering it.  The way we figured out how to find the passwords to the locks was through clues. The clues did not tell us exactly what the password was, but gave us hints on where it was. Overall, it was really fun.

Science blog post


 For this blog post, I will be talking about what we did on mixtures and solutions in school. Mrs Robert switched classes with Mrs Boyer for a period of time. Mrs Robert was the teacher for math and Mrs Boyer was the teacher for science. So, for our science homework, we needed to right a blog post.

 In the first class, we got a set of games that would prepare us for "messy science". You might think how would that help us for the messy science project? It would because it will give us an idea of how the ingredient would work and science language like compounds and mixtures. And it will also prepare us because it will get our mind thinking about science. One of the games that we played that day was that you had to know the definition of everything (it was like a test). At the end of that day, we were each assigned a video about a dissolvent and a solute.

 And today in class, we had to come up with a hypothesis on what would happen in the experiment. My group: Maddy, Gus and me were right on the hypothesis. The two experiments that we did were oil with colored salt and vinegar with colored salt. What happened during the oil experiment was that the colored salt went straight to the bottom and it was easy to separate. But, for the vinegar experiment, the exact opposite happened - it dissolved into the vinegar and it was super hard to separate. We were supposed to answer what a dissolvent and a solute were. A dissolvent is the substance that is not liquid in a experiment and a solute is the substance that is the liquid. For example, for my experimenting the solute would be the oil or the vinegar and the dissolvent would be the be the colored salt.

 Over all this experiment was really fun I really enjoyed the two days of science!

blog post #4

 For this blog post I will be talking about my site visit. For my site visit i went to the USS Intrepid museum. My dad paid extra money for we can have a tour of the museum. I would have done my site visit the 18 of May but they told my dad that if they went on memorial day weekend they would get to see more stuff. So that is why I went the 25 of May instead of the 18 of May. In my site visit the private tour guy named Nick made me think about WWII in a new way. Nick talked mainly about the battle of the philippines so he influenced me to mainly talk about the philippines in my ted talk. SO now I will be focusing on Pearl Harbor, the battle of Midway, the battle of the Philippines and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Blog post #3

 For this blog post I will be talking about my interview.

 For my interview I interviewed a guy at the USS Intrepid, his name is Nick. I found my interview by Interviewing by calling the educational department at the Intrepid. I asked him 13 questions and all of them were "green light questions" not red light questions. What a red light questions is questions that the answers are yes or no. what a green light question is an answer with examples. So I got the best answers that I could get. To tie this all up the interview was really helpful.