Book partnership fourth grade rats jot #1

Four our first partnership  I am reading fourth grade rats by Jeery spinelli. A jot is when you take a book and you

write abtout what   you   read  about  the  book.  The bigg thing I noticed is 

Suds is getting more popular because he has become a rat.

I think this is important because Suds was lonely at the beginning of the book and then he became popular. One of the main details of the story that gives you the evidence is when Suds put a spider on his shoulder and said to his girlfriend, Judy Billings, that he did it for her. Then all the other girls came to look at the spider on his arm and said “aren’t you scared?”. And he responded no way I’m scared, even though he was probably terrified. That’s my reasons why that might be one of the main ideas.

favorite plant observations!

Today me and My partner started to see that our plants are finally drying out so the next stage of the process is to take of the pods and take the seeds home and maybe plant the same plants at home from what you experience in school that’s what I learned seeya later!

Favorite Plant observation of the week.

This week is like the conclusion of plant observations so pods are forming up so only a couple of days till the pods will be released. Now I know that my hypotheses was correct my hypotheses was the pods will make other plants. What I wrote today was my favorite part of this week about my plants. See ya later soon!

Plant Observation.

Today me and my partner ND counted the poads. Poads are the home for the seeds. Seeds are the beginning stage of a plant. Poads job is to spread different plants around the world! That’s what me and my partner ND discovered this week.



Control variables Manipulated variables
5/8 Most of the plants grew allot.My plant was 1 CM tall Some of the salt stayed on the top But most of it sanked to the bottom
5/9 My plant did not grow so mine was a late bloomer. Some of the salt is at the bottom
5/10 Our plants have gotten bigger then before! It started to clear up top
5/11 Our plants grow tall. Today the dirt froze because most of the salt is at the bottom.
5/12 The plants are taller. The salt is clearing up still.


Bye Bye Plastic Bags

The “Book of the Month”, One Plastic Bag, by Miranda Paul is about a girl who saw a plastic bag and then she decided to reuse it. She kept on seeing plastic bags, which really bothered her! Now she has a group that helps her make jewelry out of plastic bags. When she repurposed the plastic bags, that made the original problem stop.


We then watched a TED Talk about two girls who are sisters and they also wanted to stop plastic bags getting used in Bali. The mayor agreed to get all the plastic bags banned from being used by 2018; but…it was done in 2017!! Also the mayor promised there would be no plastic bags. This was an impressive things done by just two young girls!

Because Of Winn Dixie

Here are some similar things that were in the book and the movie. In the book Opal says to Dunlap and Stevie run off you bald headed babies! Here’s another similarity: Otis goes to jail. Another similarity was that Amanda loses her brother Carson. The last similarity is that Carson  drowns when he is 5 years old. 

Here are some differences from the book and the movie. In the book Dunlap vs opal in a race but in the movie Dunlap vs Stevie. In the book Gloria Dump is nice but in the movie Gloria Dump is more what Stevie and Dunlap say a “witch”. Dunlap is nicer in the movie then the book.


Image result for because of winn dixie

Image result for because of winn dixie