Sphero SPRK+

Using a Sphero SPRK+ was so cool. It was really difficult at first but it got easy towards the end.

First what everyone did was wait for their name to be called out with a partner and get a Sphero and an ipad. After that Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards took us to the meeting room to test the Spheros out. We started off with drive mode which is when you use a joystick to control it. It was really hard when we tried it out for the first time. At first, I didn’t know what to do so my partner showed me and said the blue dot needs to be facing you. After that we went on to some coding programs and it was ok. Then Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards told us a challenge and you had to get your Sphero from one point to another. When we started we had no clue why it was going diagonal while everyone else was ahead. Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards got all of us into a group and showed us why only ours didn’t work and it is because the blue dot wasn’t facing us. We tried again and we got it, we did other challenges and that was to code a way for our Sphero to go in a square. Only a few groups got it so we did it until it was time to go. I really liked using the Sphero SPRK+.


2016 election

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump had been elected. I don’t like him because he has a lot of things on his mind and wants to do it all while being president. He wants to build a wall between Mexico and America and wants the Mexicans to pay for it.Trump has so many things up his mind that he won’t make any Americans happy.┬áTrump wants to lower taxes when doesn’t pay his own. Also Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare. Obamacare is important to people and if he gets rid of it people will be in need of healthcare. I wonder how he will manage all of these things he wants to do for America on his own.

Philadelphia Trip

For the Philadelphia trip every 5th grader was at the school there by 5:30. I am taking a guess that most people woke up at 5:00. When we boarded the bus we watched a movie called Zootopia. Some kids were on their phone playing games or texting their friends.

At about 8:45 we were at the constitution center. When we got there teachers and chaperones told us once we got off the bus to put our lunch in a big bag. After that all the kids saw their tour guide for the morning.

We walked over to see the Liberty Bell, but first we needed to get through security. After we got through, there it was,the copper bell and kids were snapping pictures of the bell all over the place. After that kids headed out following their tour guides.

Then we went to Independence hall. It was nice how there was some paintings and some old looking chairs. I also liked how there was still a old design. There were elegant crown molding and columns that would cost a lot in this time.

When we were finished with Independence hall we started heading out to Ben Franklin’s post office(we didn’t get to go in the post office because another school was there and it took a long time), Franklin’s structure of the house, and his grave. While we were at his grave most people tossed a penny because of one of his famous sayings “A penny saved is a penny earned”. We walked back to the constitution center and ate lunch.

Then we went to a show called”Freedom Rising”but nothing much happened at the show but it did show how some leaders changed the world. It also showed some sentences from the constitution, like “We the people” and some other sayings.

After the show we went to a room where there were statues of people who were involved with the Declaration of Independence and the constitution. Everyone one had fun by sticking their phones into the statues hand and took a selfie. It was really fun finding which statue was which but they all looked the same.

We had an exhibit called “Headed to the White House”. Some of us made our own campaign badges and pretended to be president. We walked around seeing things in cases.

After all that we headed back to Scarsdale met up with our parents and went home.