Sphero SPRK+

Using a Sphero SPRK+ was so cool. It was really difficult at first but it got easy towards the end.

First what everyone did was wait for their name to be called out with a partner and get a Sphero and an ipad. After that Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards took us to the meeting room to test the Spheros out. We started off with drive mode which is when you use a joystick to control it. It was really hard when we tried it out for the first time. At first, I didn’t know what to do so my partner showed me and said the blue dot needs to be facing you. After that we went on to some coding programs and it was ok. Then Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards told us a challenge and you had to get your Sphero from one point to another. When we started we had no clue why it was going diagonal while everyone else was ahead. Ms.Pavia and Ms.Edwards got all of us into a group and showed us why only ours didn’t work and it is because the blue dot wasn’t facing us. We tried again and we got it, we did other challenges and that was to code a way for our Sphero to go in a square. Only a few groups got it so we did it until it was time to go. I really liked using the Sphero SPRK+.


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