Rube Goldberg #3

Today I met with my partners Danielle and Corina. Since our sketch was due tomorrow we worked on it. We decided to re-do our sketch. What we were going to do is everyone is going to make a sketch and we will pick the best one but add some ideas so everyone has a part in this. Now it has everything we need on the rubric but we don’t know if it is good.

Our sketch starts with some dominoes and then the dominoes hit a toy car and the toy car hits a marble and the marble goes through a spiral tube which hits more dominoes and then that hits a ball which goes down a ramp and hits mini bowling pins and the pin hits a spinner (it is made from k’nex and it rolls down two flat surfaces) that hits a steep block made out of cardstock paper or cardboard which has the egg on top and the egg hits the pan.

I will update you on our project in three more Rube Goldberg posts!

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