Rube Goldberg #4

Today I just came back from Danielle’s house and we got the beginning of our machine done. Believe me, this was the hardest thing that I ever built. We first went to Michaels Art’s and Craft store to see what we can get. That took us until 4 and then we had a snack and then started building. When we started building we were so lost. We want to add little tweak to our machine/sketch.

Our new sketch starts with a sphero that hits some dominoes and then the dominoes hit a toy car and the toy car hits a marble and the marble goes through a paper rocket tube which hits more dominoes and then that hits a ball which goes down a ramp and hits jenga blocks and then the blocks hit a spinner(it is made from k’nex and it rolls down 2 flat surfaces) that hits a candle holder made out of wood which has the egg on top and the egg hits the mini buckets.

So far we started until the marble goes through the rocket because, there is a tube and then 2-3 steps later it goes down a ramp and we need a chair. The problem is though, Danielle’s chairs slide back so it is hard. We are meeting up tomorrow again so we can fix it.

I will update 2 more posts on the process and problems of our Rube Goldberg machine. I really hope it works.

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