Rube Goldberg #5

Today I met with my partners Corina and Danielle. We are so close to finishing. All we need to do is add four more steps to the beginning¬†(for the Exceeded Expectations on our rubric). So far it has really been disastrous because Danielle had a ”Guest” at her house and we had ideas everywhere. Again we changed our machine. We added a few tweaks here and there, but also kept the original design. This really helped us because, at first we were sticking to the design, but on one step it won’t work because it goes down another level but can’t because of the surface we were using. We have everything planned so far, but I really, really want this to work. Overall, we think it might fail the first few times, but succeed at last.

I will update you you through one more blog post on the process of our Rube Goldberg Machine and then make a conclusion on what we thought of doing the Rube Goldberg Machine!

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