Rube Goldberg #6

On Thursday I met with my partners. We got a fair amount done. Since we wanted to get exceeded expectations, we needed to add steps to the beginning, test the thing out in one day and in the next one(the final day to work on it) we have to make the video. This is really stressful especially since when we test it keeps failing. Another bad thing is that my kindle(this one is not for reading) and sphero died. We at least got some of the iMovie done. On Tuesday we are going to meet again and change the 2nd step, add a bigger pan, and test out and document it. We thing that it is very cool and think everyone is going to like it.

This is the last post that explains our process but my group and I are going to add another post to what we thought and the experience of making a Rube Goldberg machine. Stay updated for the last and final post!

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