Rube Goldberg #7

Today I met with my partners and… It worked! Only 50 -55 tries, but it was worth it! We got the iMovie done, also. For this blog post, I am just going to write about the experience of making a Rube Goldberg Machine. First of all,¬†for us it was the most stressful thing ever. What we did to calm ourselves was we took a two-min break every so often to pet Jojo(Danielle’s dog) and then get back to work. Our moms told us to take a break because, we were thinking so hard and our parents felt sorry. We did what they told and it actually worked.

Secondly, our experience with creating, wasn’t so great. We searched through about 5 websites (I only remember 3-4) and then came up with the idea. We started looking into the idea and thought it wasn’t possible without two domino effects, but we started giving our ideas and thought about it and we came up with it.

Lastly, building and testing the machine was hard. Building was hard because we couldn’t find some things that we needed so we changed the plan a bit. Testing was not so great, either. Testing the machine was hard because if it didn’t go right, you would have to test it over and over and build it again until it¬†succeeded.

Since this is my last blog post for Rube Goldberg, I want to thank Danielle’s mom for giving up her kitchen table and the moms for supporting us!

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