1st Sphero Lesson

On 3/8/2017, we had our first Sphero Lesson. For my lesson, my partners were Abby and Corina and we were doing an triangle. We did our classes with Mrs. Cooper’s class and Mrs. Boyer’s class.

For the first class we did a grand entrance for our Sphero(Lavender) and then we told them commands and then they explored for 5 min. After that, one of our students was mumbling “this is so stupid” and lots of other things. We┬áignored all the negativity and continued teaching but we didn’t have time for a fun game. For our second class we did a bit better in teaching and our students were eager to learn about Spheros. And at the end they loved the game we played.

I think our 2nd class was better than our first one because we realized our mistakes in the first one and improved in the second one. The 1st class was okay because, I think we messed up our wording’s for explaining which commands our which and etc.

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