Sphero Lessons 2 and 3

On Thursday March 16, my group(me, Abby, and Corina) taught our second and third lesson. When we taught our lesson a kid who didn’t come came that day, so we had to teach him everything the rest of the group learned. At this point 2 of our students were making the Sphero say weird stuff and making the Sphero hit the wall. Abby, Corina, and I were a little irritated, until they finally understood how to use the commands. Lesson 3 was more of a challenge than a lesson though. We used a ramp for the challenge. The challenge was for the Sphero to roll up and down the ramp and make the Sphero use colors, sounds, and other actions while making a trianlge. When they finished, we played a game called Pong for a few minutes and then our ¬†For Ms.Boyer’s class, our students cooperated and we had so much time for a game. Even though they went through the second and third lesson like that, they were okay with what we came up for them even though it was easy for them. Out of all the lessons we thought, I thought that the second lessons were at least better than the first one.

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