Capstone #1- Choosing A Topic

My class is working on the biggest project of the year called Capstone. We first have to choose a topic that we are really passionate about and want to learn more about. I have been choosing between a lot of things though. Two out of the five topics I chose were contestants. The first one was about aquariums and how they affect marine life. When I asked some of my friends if it was good, they said I should change it. I wasn’t to sure if I wanted to change it because I know a little bit about it. But when I met with Ms. Edwards she thought that I should consider changing it. I chose my second one which was about elephants instead and I think that I chose a good topic.

Immigration Unit

Last month we started a new unit on immigration. Ms. Edwards told us that we were going to make a 11-12 year old kids immigration stories on a website called WeVideo. My immigration story took place in Tours, France. Everyone in my class was a made-up person from a country where lots of people immigrated. After we chose and typed our scripts it was time to film. First we needed to find the photos we wanted. After that we had to find old things for our props. We took pictures and narrated our stories instead of actually acting it through the end. We took pictures all over the school. Like one was the courtyard and another was the garden. After we collected our photos we put them into WeVideo. Actual editing was the hardest thing because I wanted it to be perfect. Because at first it was 10 mins long. But then I realized some of the stuff wasn’t necessary in my voice over. And finally I am done. I liked this project because it was fun to do with a group.