Capstone #2- Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

We started doing our inquiry question and sub questions and I was really stuck. The inquiry question was the hardest part of Capstone. It took me 3 days to think about and then Ms. Edwards met with me about my inquiry question. My inquiry question is “How┬ádo threats that African elephants and Asian elephants encounter compare and how can humans improve their lives?” I am pretty proud of my question and think there will be a lot of researching to do. We started our sub questions on Monday and we worked on them throughout the week. So far I have 6 questions and I think that it is a pretty fair amount. These are my questions:

1.What threats are Asian elephants facing?

2.What threats are African elephants facing?

3.What wildlife conservation groups are working on behalf of elephants? What are they doing to help?

4.How can awareness be raised to help elephants? What can I do to help elephants?

5.Why is ivory so important to make merchandise?

6.When did poaching and threats to elephants start?

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