Going to Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant

On 5/31/17 we went on a field trip to a Peruvian restaurant. We went for a reward for all of our hard work for the past two years. Another reason was that we would talk in Spanish. ¬†At first I thought we would get a menu and order, but that wasn’t the case. My Spanish teacher, Senor Johnson, told me that it would be like a family style lunch. For example its like when you sit with your family and pass a dish around and eat.

When we got there after a 20-25 minute bus drive all the way to Port Chester, I was hungry. When we got into the restaurant, Senor Johnson gave out some papers which had some questions that we studied for two weeks. There were four questions on the paper. I answered three at first because one of them couldn’t be answered at that time because the question asked what was your favorite dish, I couldn’t answer because we hadn’t even eaten yet. The first thing that came were some cups with ice in it. Then some bread and butter came with a drink called Chicha Morada. Chicha Morada is a soda kinda drink but with purple corn and pineapple. I poured some of it into my cup and it tasted like pumpkin spice. Next came a Ensalada (salad) which was good, then some Lomo Saltado which is steak rice and french fries, Pollo Saltado which is like Lomo Saltado except that the steak is replaced by chicken, Pescado which is white fish slathered in sauce and rice, and lastly Tallarin Saltado de carne which is spagetti but with steak in it. My favorite dish was the Pollo Saltado. After eating this food, I felt as if I was in Peru instead of New York.

This was one of my favorite field trips of all time at Heathcote. I hope we can have more experiences like these in the middle school.

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