SMS House- Popham

On Friday, we got our SMS houses. The houses in SMS are Butler, Cooper, Fountain, and Popham. Out of all of these houses I got into Popham. I really wanted to get into Popham because a lot of people wanted to get into it as well as Fountain because apparently these two were the best houses. I believed them because they had siblings who were in Popham and the younger siblings said they get less HW or go on more field trips and I thought that was good.

So when my mom picked me up, I dashed straight to the computer with my mom’s email already in and I found the email and I saw that the house I wanted to get into, I got into. This was one of the most happiest moments of my life that I will remember.

I am so happy and I couldn’t be happier. And I can’t wait to go to the middle school and start a new school year.

Immigration Unit

Last month we started a new unit on immigration. Ms. Edwards told us that we were going to make a 11-12 year old kids immigration stories on a website called WeVideo. My immigration story took place in Tours, France. Everyone in my class was a made-up person from a country where lots of people immigrated. After we chose and typed our scripts it was time to film. First we needed to find the photos we wanted. After that we had to find old things for our props. We took pictures and narrated our stories instead of actually acting it through the end. We took pictures all over the school. Like one was the courtyard and another was the garden. After we collected our photos we put them into WeVideo. Actual editing was the hardest thing because I wanted it to be perfect. Because at first it was 10 mins long. But then I realized some of the stuff wasn’t necessary in my voice over. And finally I am done. I liked this project because it was fun to do with a group.

Sphero Lessons 2 and 3

On Thursday March 16, my group(me, Abby, and Corina) taught our second and third lesson. When we taught our lesson a kid who didn’t come came that day, so we had to teach him everything the rest of the group learned. At this point 2 of our students were making the Sphero say weird stuff and making the Sphero hit the wall. Abby, Corina, and I were a little irritated, until they finally understood how to use the commands. Lesson 3 was more of a challenge than a lesson though. We used a ramp for the challenge. The challenge was for the Sphero to roll up and down the ramp and make the Sphero use colors, sounds, and other actions while making a trianlge. When they finished, we played a game called Pong for a few minutes and then our  For Ms.Boyer’s class, our students cooperated and we had so much time for a game. Even though they went through the second and third lesson like that, they were okay with what we came up for them even though it was easy for them. Out of all the lessons we thought, I thought that the second lessons were at least better than the first one.

1st Sphero Lesson

On 3/8/2017, we had our first Sphero Lesson. For my lesson, my partners were Abby and Corina and we were doing an triangle. We did our classes with Mrs. Cooper’s class and Mrs. Boyer’s class.

For the first class we did a grand entrance for our Sphero(Lavender) and then we told them commands and then they explored for 5 min. After that, one of our students was mumbling “this is so stupid” and lots of other things. We ignored all the negativity and continued teaching but we didn’t have time for a fun game. For our second class we did a bit better in teaching and our students were eager to learn about Spheros. And at the end they loved the game we played.

I think our 2nd class was better than our first one because we realized our mistakes in the first one and improved in the second one. The 1st class was okay because, I think we messed up our wording’s for explaining which commands our which and etc.

Final Ballroom Danicing Performance

For our final performance, I wore a black and white dress. We danced the Waltz and the Swing. I thought it was a little fun but it was nerve wracking. This is how it went, we come out with the other classes, we wait for Mrs. Boyer’s class to finish, then Mrs. Cooper’s class to finish and then we go. Since there is about 60- 70 kids there were 120- 140 parents and 240- 280 eyes on us. What I thought was the most stressful was when my partner and I got to the front and danced. I thought I would do something wrong but there were only minor things that no one saw. I told my parents and they didn’t see it. After that I had ice cream at home and went to sleep.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today in school I heard and read the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. We were asked if Dr. King’s speech was realized.

I say that his speech was realized and was not. The reason why I think his speech was realized was that there is no more segregation, like colored people on one side of the bus and white people on the other or colored people drinking from one water fountain and white people drinking from another. One more thing is that colored people going to one school and white people going to another. There is nothing like that now because of Freedom.

His speech also hasn’t been realized also because there has been people who don’t want black people to be treated equally. For example some jobs don’t take in people because of their skin tone. They also don’t get respect because of their skin tone.

If you want to see Martin Luther King Jr. timeline, click the link below.


Should Cursive be Taught in School?

Today in class, we read a TFK article on “Should Cursive be Taught in School?”. The articles talks about if kids should learn cursive or not.

In my opinion I think that you should learn to write cursive. It is really handy to learn it. I think this because, first if you have very old important documents you can read it. Like if you visit Washington D.C you could read the important documents written. I also think that cursive should be taught because it can be important later on in jobs or life. I also think that writing cursive is just easier and more fun. The states haven’t passed a law about how cursive shouldn’t be taught in school but I think that they shouldn’t do it at all.

Cloning Animals

Today our class read an article about cloning. Cloning is when you get a cell or DNA and duplicate the animal you got the DNA or cell from. For example, if you had a pet hamster and got some DNA from it, you could clone the hamster.

I think that cloning animals is good and bad. One reason why I think its good is because you can get the same pet again using cells that they had. Scientists are happy about this because they can study about extinct animals and they can save lives of endangered animals. One reason why it is bad is because the new animal could lead to many things in the future like defects and trouble with organs.

Feature article- Diwali

In school since October, we have been working on feature articles. We did our feature articles on Pages. Feature articles are okay to make. They are kind of hard and kind of easy. Thing that were hard for me were remembering some little details. Things that were easy was writing and picking article designs and formatting.

I did my feature article on Diwali. If you want to check my article out go to the link below!


Presenting our Rocketry slides

Our class has been doing a rocketry unit since September to December. We built, launched, graphed, and reflected on our rockets throughout the unit. Today was our class rocketry presentations and my group went second to last. We talked about how our group did and what changes we did for rockets, but we mostly talked about the process of the rockets.

While we were going up to present, I was really nervous and thinking I was going to mess up. Time flew by and then we finished so quickly. So when we finished I was proud of our group and especially myself. If someone asked our group to do rocketry again I think that my whole group will say YES!