Capstone #7- Cap Con!

On 6/20/17 we had our final Capstone share in front of parents. The day before, 6/19/17 we had a share in front of classes. I presented my Capstone in the auditorium.

But this is how the day went, first we made our entrance and parents took pictures and such. Then we sang our songs “Nothing More” by The Alternate Routes and we sang to the tune “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing” by Stevie Wonder but we made up our own lyrics with the other classes and with the help of Ms. Bescherer our music/chorus teacher. After we sang, we sat down and watched a slideshow of pictures with a picture of us in Kindergarten and a picture of us in 5th Grade. Then we sang the school song “We are the Future of the World” written and composed by my music teacher Ms. Bescherer. We met up with our parents and set up for Capstone. I had nothing to do in the auditorium so I got my business cards and handed them out with my friends who were also performing in the auditorium.

We finally started Capstone and we started with our first person Apollonia and she did her Capstone on Axolotls. Next it was me and if you didn’t know I ┬ádid my Capstone on Elephants. The third person was Corina and she did her Capstone on Giant Pandas. The fourth person is Ella and she did Genetics. Sam did his on Recording Studios, Abby did hers on the musical Hamilton, Nate did his on Solar Flares and lastly Lana did hers on Dreams. During I presented I noticed that I messed up some words. I was so embarrassed because I thought everyone would laugh but that didn’t happen.

I am happy with the outcome of my presentation and it was fun! I hope I can do it again.

Here is a link to my presentation. I hope you enjoy: