Capstone #2

From my last blog post I talked about how picking my topic and this past week I have been picking my inquiry question and I am choosing my sub questions. So far I thought my inquiry question will be why do we dream but then my teacher made a note to me “ I love your interest in dreams however a  why question is too vague and not easily researched let’s rethink this” so I thought with Ms Boyer and then she step outside the hall with Ms Robert and came back in and said I have any inquiry question for you,  so my inquiry question is what happens to our bodies and brains when we dream? So then I had to think of my sub question And I look back from my previous ones I thought it was going to use and took some that really made my inquiry question come alive. Some are how is a daydream different than a night dream, what are bad dreams caused of, what do dreams mean, where does dreams images come from? I also got some research websites to use and I’m really pumped to start my Capstone researching!

Capstone #1

Recently Ms Boyer introduce Capstone to us. Recently  we had to pick our topics! I picked dreams. The reason why I picked dreams is because I was always wondering why my dreams were so crazy and I knew the people that were in them. So I was having a little bit trouble thinking about my topics and then that night when I went to bed I had a dream about Capstone and picking my topic and then I thought why don’t I just do dreams so that’s how my idea sparked and I also like studying about sleeping. I’m really excited to start Capstone and get a lot of work done because I think this will be a great topic and I feel confident in it.

Passion project #3

Recently I did a post about my project and so far I have done a lot. I had set goals for the week and it was to get my interview questions and to finish my sketch done and I got those done. The interview question will be in my slide show. I also just read a fascinating book about an artist named Banksy fun fact about Banksy is that he/she would like to keep he’s identity privet so no one will now who he/she is. I have also recently started one of my topics and that is how to learn to do graffiti and so far my resources are my dad because he had to got thought this process. I am looking forward to get more done this break.

Passion project #2

Recently we started are passion project and I have done a lot. The two subjects that I had where What is the history behind graffiti and how to learn to do graffiti and out of those two I got one done. Right now I am starting to do my second one and it is going well so far. I also started my slide show and getting images. I had to write a sketch one what  I am going to paint on the wall and I thought and thought and then I wanted to write my name out with a paw print in it to represent my dog that passed away I wanted to have him in my peace. I have started my interview questions and can’t wait to start to do them. I can’t wait to do more!

Passion project #1

Recently my class started passion project and since we got assigned the project I have made so much progress. The passion that would be studying is graffiti. The way I will begin to do my project I will be starting to research my first topic witch would be the history behind graffiti witch is very fun to look back into the past and see what the Romans did I would also be looking for great articles that would proved me with great information also YouTube videos. The research that I have done has been a lot for example I have been using a a website also I used a YouTube video. The topic that I am doing is the history behind graffiti and how learn to do graffiti. I also I have been doing my guiding questions they are how did graffiti begin and who where the first graffiti artists. The resources that I have been using is a articles and a YouTube video. What will I create will be a huge painting on a wall somewhere. The why that would work is I am going to be painting something personal to me and creating it to a master piece.The way I am going to share is is by having a slide show that would proved information on graffiti it will also have a interview with my dad because he is a graffiti artist and has lots and lots of experience for what I am doing. I can’t wait to do more on my project!

This is the website that I used!

This is what graffiti looks like!

This is the video that i used for some over my information!

Refugee #1

Today in class we read three chapters about each of the charters. All three of the charters moved away the reasons are, Josef left because his family is Jewish and the Nazi are attacking them and there family doesn’t want to be next, Isabel left because of her father he started a riot and was going to go to jail for the rest of his life, Mohmoud left because of dictators and what they where doing to there house and family.



Refugee #2

In the story refugee there is a lot of bad things happening to Josef,Isabel,Mahmound. The author wanted to alternate the tree stories because they wanted to show how they where connected and wants the reader to realize all the stories connect in the beginning.

Rube Glodberg #6

Today was the last day to work and let me tell you is was the most stressful project I have ever done. My team and I stared to make sure that all of are ramps and bored are all secured. We stared to put all of the pieces we all on the bored. Then we tested it and it didn’t work so we had to  figure out ways that we can make it better so we called one of the parents for a minute or two to help. It took 64 try’s till we got the treat to go into the bowl. The first thing we noticed on the project that was not working it the pulley had to be  adjusted in a way that I won’t make the marble got off our board after we made a lot of changes and it was so stressful thing but after all of the hard work we  finally made it in. My team and I later had to make a video at school when we finished the video we where so glad to be done. I loved this project and it was such a good experience!!

This our video! come and check it out.