It started on a Saturday night. Olivia and I were relaxing. Suddenly we hear Ranger barking.  We look over and he was at the door.


“Ugh!”  I sighed.


“It’s too late, “ Olivia answered. “I got him. Want to come?”


“Sure,” I said.


We were halfway way down the block.


“Do you know a guy named Mark? His sister’s in my grade. Is he in yours?”  I asked her.


Olivia shouted for a brief moment, “It’s none of your business! Don’t be a BRAT. Oh wait, I forgot you already are one!”


“Why, is he your boyfriend?”  I asked in a sarcastic way.


“Nicole, stop it right now or I’ll tell on  you,” Olivia screamed.


“Okay, okay. It was just a joke!”


“No it wasn’t! Stop lying all the time!”


Olivia didn’t talk to me for the rest of the walk.In my head I was thinking why can’t she take a joke because in are old house we could joke around and she will  not care. since we moved we been more apart. We finally got home. Olivia was livid. She went off on me. My mom came home and Olivia told her what had happened.

We said sorry. After that we forgot what had happened and went on with our evening.


After the walk I was so upset. Why can’t she you just take a joke and move on? I felt so betrayed and upset that we can’t get along.


The lesson I learned is think before you speak and say it in a nice way.

First day of school

It all started off on a Monday September 5 2018 at the front doors of my school. I was feeling anxious to go see my friends and my new teachers! I step in, the bell rings. Oh no! I was  freaking out. When I was walking down the hall questions were flowing through  my head. Is Ms. Boyer going to like me? Will she accept  me for who I am? such things like that.

When I step in the  classroom I see my friends. I look over my shoulder and see Ms.Boyer. I was feeling nervous! I thought she might be strict or mean. At the start of the day we had to pick cards to see what partner we get and pick a seat. As the day was going by I realized  that I was comfortable and felt safe in the classroom.


4th grade reflection

This year My class/grade did so many things for example, we did Colonial America that was a good experience, we did activities. Then in November, we did a grade activity where we look on a newspapers to see all the food we want for thanksgiving then, when we have all the items we had to add them if we go over a price we have to figure some how to lower the price.  Close to the end of the year we did Toy Theater. Toy Theater was amazing and so fun, we did script writing, painting, and so much more. In the middle of the year we did an ecosystem project and we had to research on a topic.Then we did a blog post/ food chain. After that we did a Wevideo project. It was prey fun we got inform them made a video about are topic and how to help the world.We did so many project that my favorite one is we video. It was my favorite because we get to learn different things that I didn’t even know.During the year we did so many readloud. we did Tiger Rising,Blood on the River, Book Scavenger. My favorite book is Tiger Rising because it told a story about bullies and social problems that he needed someone to help him.In school My teacher teaches every subject in elementary . My favorite is science because you do so many experiment and you can be free minded.

Temperate Forest PSA

This year my class did an ecosystem project.We used a website to create the video it was call wevideo. To do the the project  you will need lots of research.separate your research in categories. I would say the research was pretty easy for me because I knew what I was doing and I did it efficiently. After you do that you start a script and a storyboard to help you get an idea this process I would say was ok I had some trouble but I did it.After you do that you start wevideo and get pictures but you have to use your script for it.Getting my video ready was fun I enjoyed the process. When you have your outline of your video done you start narration. I loved this part so much because you could be your self. After that you show your teacher and everyone then if you get the ok you can fish it and write a blog post about you process.


Biography Project – Rosa Parks



Have you ever wondered what segregation was?   Years ago in the United States there was segregation.  Segregation was when blacks and whites could not be together   


Early Life


Rosa Parks was born on February 14, 1913. Rosa was a big help in her family.  The way she helped her family was she would go in the fields and feed the chicken. She milked the cows and weeded the garden.To earn extra money Rosa picked cotton on the farm by  a white guy she only got paid fifty cents a day. Since segregation was going on lots of things were not fair. White people got angry when black people got some freedom. A group of white people called the kkk to scare them. When the kkk came they had burning cross. They burned black people homes, they killed people. Rosa’s grandpa stayed up all night to protect her and had a shotgun by him Rosa didn’t let her grandpa stay up all night alone she stayed with him. Her grandpa was not  like alot of black people he treated everyone equally Rosa knew that he was breaking the law but she wanted to treated everyone that same to. Rosa didn’t let any white person take her dignity away. Rosa went to school and her school was segregated to. Rosa had to be separated from white people. The town was poor so they could not afford bus for the black children but the white got them and every morning when the white pass the black the throw garbage at them and called them names. Rosa knew not to talk back but she could not keep her anger in for long! One afternoon Rosa got into a fight with white boy the boy threatened  her and did it back. After that Rosa ran home to tell her gramma what she did. Insead of being proud of her she got mad. Rosa when she went out side she saw white sign only. She could not rent hotels,she could not eat from most restarts or drink from the same water fountain.She married Raymond Parks in 1932.


Adult Life

After the married she decided about going back to school to get all of her degrees.Rosa hated the way black people got mistreated and the thing she mostly hated was segregation. One day Rosa paid her fare then the bus driver left her without letting her in.Rosa started to work for the NAACP she spent most of her time sewing at the Montgomery Fairmont store.After that she got tired of doing that so she went to go work at the NAACP office to voter as a secretary. Rosa answer phones and traveled town to town to meet other African Americans. Rosa talk about how they got mistreated she also wanted them to voted for them to have a better leader. Rosa had to take a test three times to be eligible to vote.

December 1, 1955 Rosa paid her fair she got on the bus.She found a seat in the middle where black and white both can sit there but if one white person wants that seat all black sitting in the row has to get off.Then a white man came on he paid his fair then wanted the middle seat. All black got up but Rosa didn’t budge.She moved closer to the window. She was tired and wanted to go home. She tired from work she was tired for getting mistreated.Rosa said No I’m Not. the bus driver said I will have to get arrested. Rosa said quietly you go do that. The police came and she got arrested. Later that night her husband bailed her out. A few weeks later ED Nixon heard what happened and wanted to take her to court Rosa said yes. Rosa trial lasted only 5 minutes. She broke the law so they made her pay a fine of $14. After that black people started a boycott where they don’t take the bus and you walk. If you wanted to take a cab you only take a person who black. The bus stays empty for a year. During the boycott Rosa got upset when she got mean phone calls and hateful  letters. The black got threatened. December 2, 1956 the boycott ended. The black can sit wherever they wanted. Everything had to be fair.



Rosa had so may challenge. She had to quit to take care of her grandma because she got ill then her mother got ill to and had to take care of her as well.In 1930 Rosa got her high school diplomas back. With education she had a hard time finding a job. White businesses did not want her. Everyday Rosa did not drink from any water fountain she wanted to come home and drink water. Inside if taking the colored elevators she walk. Black people pd 10 cents fair. Then when they do the get off the bus and go to the back door. Sometimes the bus driver will zoom off before they could get on.If a white person wanted to sit down where a black person was sitting the black people had to get up and stand.

How Rosa Parks impact the world

Rosa Parks set a good example to the world. She made schools unseated. Rosa had to fight a long time to just get bus unsigned.everything was fair because Rosa did the right thing that changed a big thing.


Temperate Forests

Temperate Forests have lots of trees and are found in areas where the climate is not too hot or too cold. They have lots of animals and plants living there. The ecosystem that I’m studying,Temperate Forests, are located in areas such as North America, Europe and Asia.

Some consumers that live in a temperate forest are black bears, squirrels, chipmunks, worms, slugs, insects, frogs, toads, salamanders, moose, white tail deer, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, porcupine.Temperate forests have lots of producers. For example, wild flowers, Barry bush, strawberry bush, lettuce, celery, grass, trees, chives.The unique thing about my ecosystem is that it is between about 25 and 50  degrees latitude. Another thing that makes my ecosystem unique is that temperate forests have a lot of wildfires that cause the forests damage.

I enjoyed working on my ecosystem and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the experience of learning new things. I got to know more about the animals and how they live in temperate forests. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Colonial America book Reflection

The process of making my Colonial America book was not easy. The first  thing you had to do is research about the topic you got. For example, I did daily life of a colonial woman. I had to research that but your first chapter had to be about colonial life. Then you had to organize the research that you got so you can write it out on the a note pad. After you wrote it out you type it in google slides. For chapter two you have to write about your topic that you got and have three main things you had to write about. I did chores, clothes and free time . For your chapter three you can choose if you want to do a letter or journal entry, I did a letter. You can do it to anyone in colonial times. For your fourth chapter you do an essay. In the beginning you  should have picked a question for you topic, that’s what you write your essay about. After you do that you have to copy and past it into sides and get pictures.The most challenging part for me was doing the research because I had to make sure that I had enough that I can write a book on and make sure it made sense.  My favorite part of making my Colonial America book was putting the research together. It was my favorite because I can see all the work I did and it was fun to see it as a book. During this process I learned that I can do better in writing and reading and research. if I had to do the project again I would choose a different topic because I can learn new things that I didn’t know.