Hello world

      Hello World!

I’m Oscar and I am now in 4th grade😁. I am now nine (almost ten) and my family is dutch. I speak dutch of course, but I live in America. Well let’s get to my hobbies.


My hobbies are skiing because I am born skiing with my father and brother. I also like drawing because it makes me happy. I also like video games🎮, and of course playing with my friends.My favorite color is purple, and my favorite video game are plants vs zombies overwatch.😜. And I also really enjoy watching TV. Soccer is probably my favorite sport because it’s a team sport and it’s fun. My talents are art, music such as bass and piano.

(Also I love to cats. Meow🐈. I have a cat and she’s a Russian Blue cat.)


I hope to see you people on the comments!💬     




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