Colonial America Summary

                                            Colonial Summary

In the article Colonial America, the main idea is how pilgrims and the thirteen colonies lives and survived. The native Americans traded food and resources to survive however sometimes there was war between the tribes over who’s land was who’s.

Some natives moved out west where nobody had settled just yet.

They wanted to claim land and avoid war with the colonies.


At that time there were also pilgrims. They got serpents for labor and other stuff they needed help with. This was in the 1500’s. Those did get payed unlike slaves and they worked for seven years usually (or more). But hen of course the slaves came along. They were sold by “slave sellers” and those slaves. worked as blacksmiths, gardeners, or weavers. This was back in 1619 or so.sometimes that worked day and night without payment.

These slaved got them things, and the people who owned them traded with Europeans. After years of being in America settlers eventually got along with Indians.

Pilgrim and colonial people were not very different than us after all.


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