I Love Cats

         I Love Cats       

I love cats because they make good friends, they fade your anger and transform it into happiness, and because they calm you down when you’re stressed out.


One reason I love cats is because they gorgeous friends. For example when I don’t have anybody to play with I spot my cat in the corner of my eyes meowing. So I walk over to her and I play with her for long periods of time. Also, cats make great friends even when you’re not bored at all. They just are friends for life, because you adore them. Cat’s also satisfy you because they have satisfying “Meows and Purrs.” (And fur.) Like your family, you adore them. Same with cats. You sometimes sleep with them. They are after all, your family. And they’re there for you when you need them. That’s why cats are gorgeous friends.


Another reason I like cats is because they fade anger, and transform it into happiness. For example I get angry because my brother lies about promises and deals. Then I get enraged and I get upset after that. So I walk up to my room, and there my cat sits and waits for me. Then I enter my room, and I lay down while hugging her.It’s family along with a very good friend. And for some reason you just talk to pets like, “you’re such a good boy” or, “Hi kitty!” You cheer up when you see your friend right? Same with your cat. A friend who helps overcome hard obstacles and something that’s always there for you. They just drane down anger and make the brightness rise. And that’s why They are great pets. They fade anger when your sitting next to them petting softly. This is because the feeling of soft stuff are calming.

Cats fade anger also because it looks like in dreamland. Honestly who would get angry about your dreamland?!


Last of all, cats calm you down when your stressed out. For example, once I was kicked out of my friend’s club just because I accidentally kicked him and he wouldn’t let me back in so I was banished and I became their rival. He just wouldn’t stop yakking about this topic, so after that I was called a traitor even though they kicked me out. So I ran home and found my cat sitting in front of the door on the couch, so i sat down and joined her on the couch. “Sigh,” I sighed. Then I started petting for hours and found myself calm. That’s when I realized that cats are very good companions. When petting it sucks up your anger and stress and makes move to  calm world. Then you wake up and find yourself calm.

Cats calm you down because their purrs along with their soft silky fur.

Cats calm you down because it feels good being next to a friend (family.) Cats calm you down because it feels like they understand you.


Anyway, to wrap it up, I want to say that cats are more than you think they are. They are actually great loyal companions that change moods and are always there for you when your in trouble and also when your not in  trouble. Well that’s my statement that I love cats. “Meow!”

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