SLICE of Scarsdale

If you like many types of pizza, you might consider going to Slice of Scarsdale.

This amazing tasting restaurant is located at 58 Garth Rd. Scarsdale, NY.

This restaurant’s pizza looks delicious and it tastes even better than it looks. The cheese pizza here is not too cheesy and does not have too much sauce. It’s your option if you’d like your pizza with chicken or pepperoni (you can also choose none). The cheese pizza always tastes fresh, like it just came out of the oven. Moving onto the buffalo chicken pizza. This pizza is served with several buffalo chicken pieces on top. After a while of eating the buffalo chicken the taste gets just a bit bitter and sour. If you’re a lover of buffalo sauce I would definitely recommend this pizza to you. The slices are as big as about two and a half slices of an other pizza place.

When you go to Slice of Scarsdale, you will see a rather small place, but big in the pizza’s flavor.  The chefs make food pretty quickly so you won’t have to wait too long for food. There is also a vending machine next to the tables. This vending machine contains many different sodas and juices for your choosing. There are about two or three tables so you might want to call for pick up, but it’t not a bad place to sit and enjoy your pizza.

Alright, here we go for pros and cons. Pro, heavenly pizza. Con, small space not too much room. Pro, vending machine with many different drinks. Pro, yes you can order for pick up. Pro, fast cooking.

I definitely recommend all the people in Scarsdale go visit Slice and if your near by, you should go too. It’s by far my favorite pizza place in Scarsdale.

Last but not least, I’ll give this place 4.5 stars if I had to choose. I hope you guys try this place and enjoy it!


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