My Rocketry

This year, one of our science focus areas is rocketry. I feel good about our group “inspiration board” and rocketry work, and appreciate the hard work and the efforts that my group has put in. My group, the Science Minds is ready to start building the model water rocket, which uses water and pressurized air to create an upward thrust, a force that is greater than the combined weight of water, rocket and air friction. Thank God and Newton for Newton’s 3rd law of motion!  For the model rocket, I and my group have decided to use a 3-D printed plastic nose cone and balsa-wood fins, which are light and flexible. These two will make a great combination (good aerodynamics and light weight) for the rocket when it launches. My group got into a lot of arguments but the design ended great. It was really hard to do this but I spent extra time at my house to create my rocket parts. I made some mistakes but we fixed them. One mistake was that I covered the side of the fins that I am going to hot glue to the rocket with duck tape. Luckily, I am almost done and excited to launch. I just hot glued the fins on my rocket, and all we have left to do is to put the nose cone on the rocket. I am still waiting for the 3-D printers to come so I can print it. Some of the groups got nose cones but some didn’t. Some couldn’t print but luckily I have a 3-D printer at my house so I can print it there. I checked my measurements so many times to make sure they will fit. I finished decorating my rocket as I am about to hot glue my nose cone. I can’t wait to launch my first design.