The City Of Ember

October 12-15, 2017

Arav and I just started a new partner reading book called The City Of Ember. It is about a city with dark sky’s that barely has electricity which keeps getting worse. At least that is what it said in the back of the book. In the book, There is a guy named Doon who is a messenger who is not happy about the city and wants to trade jobs with an engineer named Lina. Doon and Lina used to be friends but they broke up. Doon wanted to become an engineer so he has access to the main power source in the city so he can make the electricity better. Lina wants to become a messenger because she likes to run a lot in the open. The problem is that the mayor did not approve this as he gave Doon and Lina their original jobs.

Lina wants to become a famous messenger and discover something about the Unknown Regions. Lisa loved her job as running around and being a messenger and getting twenty cents for each delivery. She loved her first day and told her Granny all about it. Meanwhile, Doon is at the Piperworks and is assigned to tape and fix a tube. Unfortunately, Doon does not have access to the main power system but anyways he sneaked in and was disappointed that he saw people working on it for their whole lives. When he got to his house, he was so angry that he was not aloud to try to fix the city’s main power source that he accidentally threw a shoe at his dad.

 Lina’s Granny said she lot something which she won’t tell Lina and is destroying the whole place to find it. When Lina was a messenger, she saw Clary talking to a man who got in trouble. Clary gave Lina a white pebble and told her it has life in it and will help the plant she gave her grow. Maybe it can lead to something special, something outside Ember which can help bring the city back to life. I think these things that I wrote are related.

Lina found the box and found a paper in it which were instructions to something, maybe to get out of Ember and showed it to Doon who was very interested. He said he saw a unexpected door which Lina thinks it is the doorway out of Ember. The next day, Lina and Doon went to the door and saw it was locked but they saw someone who had the key who opened and closed the door.

Later, Lina and Doon used the instructions to find  a secret door. They told the guards about it but they already knew about it and they don’t want the people of Ember to find it. Now the guards are trying to put Doon and Lina in jail. The guards capture Lina but Lina gets away and meets Doon with Poppy, Lina’s sister at the Piperworks. They then find a door with so many boats on the other side. They get away and find another town made by the Builders.

There where their journey in the boat ends, the find a a book with a note from the Builders. They then walk through a long tunnel and find a tunnel. There are no people but some weird creatures there. They follow a creature through a narrow tube and see the city of Ember. They then drop a note down to Ember.

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