Launch 1-2

Launch #1 was amazing! But, we can make it better! After Launch #1 we took note of the pros and cons of the rocket launch. The pros were the material of the fins and the shape of the nose cone. One of the cons was that the fins weren’t too good because of the bumpy duck tape on it. Another con was that there was some air resistance due to the wider shape of the nose cone that caused the rocket to slow down. We took all the cons and improved on them. What we basically did is we took everything off our rocket and restarted fixing all the cons.                                                                                                                                                      Here is a picture of my old rocket.                                                                                                                                  I am confident that my second design is better as it is very decorative but still weighs less than our first one. My group was the first one to be done with their second design. I can’t wait to see the second launch and my goal is for the rocket to go at least 56.5 meters, which is 5 meters higher than my first launch. I love my rocket and wish it good luck.

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  1. Good Job Om. What would be great would be to include what the problems were. Nice Job!

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