Deltora Shadowlands: Isle Of Illusion

In the book, Deltora Shadowlands: Isle Of Illusion, Lief, the good King of Deltora, and his friends, Jasmine, and Barda need to find the three missing pieces of the magical Pirran Pipe to save thousands of people from their town of Del who were being held captive by the evil Shadow Lord.

Leif, Jasmine, and Barda were attacked by a troop of the Aurons. The Aurons are a group of people who are loyal to the Piper and t0 Auron, and protect the second piece of the Pirran Pipe from the Shadow Lord. Fortunately, Leif convinced the Aurons that they just wanted the second piece of the Pirran Pipe to help free the people of Del from the evil Shadow Lord. Leif, Jasmine, and Barda met an Auron named Penn who told them that the heroes of Del could not get the second piece of the Pipe because of “real truth”. The heroes were surprised to hear it and then the heroes from the castle of Del went to see the Auron to try to find out what “real truth” meant and find the second piece of the Pirran Pipe.

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