Getting Ready For My Rube Goldberg Project

Just as 2018 started, my teacher, Mrs. Boyer, assigned us a Rube Goldberg project. Leo and I were really excited to be partners since we were ready for it since the beginning of the school year. We decided to get an early start and started as soon as our schedules allowed.  The first day we started our design was the bomb northeastern cyclone snow day. We thought of a design that could work and then thought of ways to make it more challenging. Some of the simple machines that we used were pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, turning wheels and levers.  We also used a few complex machines like pressure release race track and battery powered cars.  Our design was elaborate and had 19 navigational steps in total that would eventually hit a golf ball into the hole. We browsed the internet for some good ideas. We called it the “Hole In One” Rube Goldberg. We then started to collect materials for our project.  We picked out car race tracks, balls, dominoes, cars, marbles, cardboard, wooden planks, books, strings, cups, bottles, water, boxes, card board tubes, PVC pipes, etc. We even made our own pulley using cardboard, pencil and a toy wheel. When we started testing our first design, it had some flaws. We figured we would have to tweak some things to make it work but it still didn’t work.

Later on, we realized that our old design didn’t work. We then rebuilt it and changed a few steps. We tested each step by itself to make sure it would work. After that, we tried testing the whole thing the following day.

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